Nutritional Counseling



Looking to make some healthy changes?

Sick of being stuck on the yo-yo diet train? Have you lost weight before,but have never been able to keep it off? 


Have you been recently diagnosed with a medical condition that has you worried about your diet and lifestyle?


Book your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION TODAY to see if working with The Holistic RDN could be the RIGHT SOLUTION for you!

30 minutes

Initial Consultation


nutritional assesment



Sit down with me to discuss all aspects of your diet, lifestyle, and previous history that may contribute to your overall health. We will discuss what your health goals are and determine a game plan for helping you reach those goals! In this first initial assessment, I do provide a some nutritional education based on your health goals and/or medical conditions. However, the majority of our initial assessment will be dedicated to finding out as much as possible about you, your health goals and concerns in order to determine how to most effectively work with you to resolve said issues and reach your intended health goals!

90 minutes




Already have a lot of the tools necessary to be successful on your health journey?


Expert at meal prepping already? Just needing a little guidance as to how much and of what types of foods you should be eating to reach your health goals?


Let us sit down and figure out where your macros should be and get you on the right track for success!

60 minutes


holistic health packages

Starting at $300

Looking to get all of my nutritional counseling services for one low price?

Apply for one of my All-Inclusive Holistic Health Packages and make your heath a long-term commitment today.

sample 7-day meal plan



7- Day meal plan customized to your specific nutritional concerns/macro-nutrient goals


(Must compete initial nutritional assessment first)

60 minutes


store tour



Do you feel overwhelmed when grocery shopping? So many foods to choose from, it's hard to decipher what foods to buy and what foods to stay clear from. Let me help you navigate your favorite grocery store!

90 minutes

follow-up sessions


Follow-up sessions are tailored for individuals who have completed an initial nutritional assessment with me and would like continued support in reaching their intended health goals!

30 minutes

212 W. Van Dorn Street Suite B

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