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I always struggled with my weight and body image. From a young age I decided to make my health a priority. Over the span of 13 years I have tried almost every diet out there....low carb, Weight Watchers, HCG, Keto, Medifast, I could keep listing them off. I have tried EVERYTHING. You know what my years of dieting has finally taught me???? What nutritional professionals all over the world are starting to realize.....DIETS DON'T WORK. SURPRISE! 


I have learned that super restrictive, low calorie, low carb, low whatever else just doesn't work long-term if it doesn't fit your lifestyle. If you follow a diet for a certain amount of time....yes, you will lose weight! But guess what???? If you hate what you are eating while you are dieting and are so hungry and miserable all the time...do you think that you will continue to eat that way when you hit your goal? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The key to lasting results? Find what works for you! Not what works for your friend, your mother, or some influencer on Instagram. You need to find an eating pattern....aka a diet that is built to work for you, your body, your lifestyle, your needs, not someone else's! What works for you may not be what is going to work for someone else. THIS IS WHERE I COME IN. 


Let me partner with you. Through a holistic approach I take into consideration the entire picture when creating a detailed, individualized macro-based meal plan for my clients. This means I take into consideration all medical history, current diet, lifestyle factors, as well as mental and emotional well-being. I provide my clients with all the support and accountability they need to start making small, sustainable changes to achieve their health goals. 


As Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I have always felt drawn to help others. I just didn't know that in the process I would be healing my relationship with food as well. I feel called to help those who have struggled just as I have. I am here for all you yo-yo dieters. And for those of you who haven't struggled on the yo-yo diet train, I am here for you too. <3


- Mayce Hoover RDN, LD